Chunk works through your projects with you.

Don't get overwhelmed.
Talk through your projects and tasks and Chunk will help you get organised.

Make planning your project personal.

Talk through what you need to do
Break down your tasks
Work out the time needed or the deadlines
Make a plan and a schedule
Set alarms and prompts to keep you on track

Chunk will help get your plan sorted.

From a two page essay to a dissertation, an hour-long work project or a six month slog, writing 500 words a day or a novel in a month... Chunk will help you through.

Helps you keep on track and on target with mini-goals and stages.
Makes sure you plan in some rewards for yourself.
Even tells the odd joke.

Who is Chunk?

Chunk is a piece of rock living in Malham, Yorkshire. It's very pretty there, if a bit damp. But after about a million and a half years Chunk would like to go see the world.

You can help.

Every chunk of task or project you complete helps Chunk get a step closer to adventure.

Chunk is nearly ready.

Chunk is still a work in progress. In fact, Chunk is busy helping make their own self.

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